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He Semu Uruguayan President Mujica retired, birkin bag hermes colours the 1st successor Fox was sworn in the next five years, the leadership of Uruguay Mujica February 26, said:. There are many things to do. I hope I do better than the next government, greater success...... become president, I am full of ambition, but the reality is cruel.

Possessions only $ 1,800 when elected president

Mujica, now 79 years old. Over the years, the former leftist guerrilla leader known as the world's poorest president, his most valuable possessions is a classic Volkswagen Beetle cars. 1987 car factory sky blue Beetle is a symbol hermes bags latest birkin colors of his simple life in the Middle East had birkin bag harga tas hermes original $ 1 million offer hermes birkin bag 6088 to buy Regal Beetle car, but was refused Mujica.

Elected president, Mujica himself 90% of the monthly salary donated to the national social welfare programs, to retain part of their own just over $ 775 per capita monthly Birkin Bag Hermes Original Birkin income of the people of Uruguay.

In Mujica side of the trunk, can often be seen three-legged dog Manuela. Mujica when there is a pressure to drive a tractor, Manuela legs, so that Manuela fall disability. Since then, Mujica go anywhere like to bring Manuela Sometimes when a media reporter, he will say that the fed Manuela the.

Some media finds meaning Birkin Hermes 35 Mujica female president of Argentina Cristina and her husband, former President Shen Neier. Kirchner an eye amblyopia, named one-eyed, died of a heart attack in 2010. Kirchner from 2003 to 2007 served as President of Argentina. Christina Fuchangfusui, won the 2007 presidential election, became Argentina's first elected female president, won re-election in 2011.