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The dead of night, under the dim lights, Nemtsov and companion from Ukraine are walking on a bridge near the Kremlin. At this time, drove to a clean, blocking surveillance camera lens. Then, a white car approaching, the murderer from the car opened fire Nemtsov. Nemtsov back even birkin hermes prezzo 2011 in the four guns, while the female companions are safe and sound. German news television station reported that birkin hermes philip 1250x the March 1, from the assassination of the process which is like a Hollywood spy film, Killer very professional, which was a premeditated murder.

Assassination set off a storm Fake Hermes Birkin Bag Buy Online is clearly not a Hollywood spy movies can be compared. Itar-Tass reported on March 1, the Russian State Duma Chairman black hermes birkin bag replica Xinaleishen Gold said it from the shooting occurred in the center of Moscow is cheap hermes bags birkin crocodile a challenge issued by the state and society, everyone wants to end the current investigation of the case as soon as possible, punish the murderer. Deputy Director of the Information Department of the Russian Foreign Fake Birkin Hermes Bags Ministry said Zaha Petrova, shot Nemtsov is not only a crime, or a tragedy, is a challenge to all Russians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's February 28 release on the presidential website said in a statement, will make every effort to find out the case of the assassination of Nemtsov angel and performer, will be brought to justice. Putin said that the murderer should be responsible for this harsh and outrageous murder, and be duly punished. Putin instruct the Commission of Inquiry, the Interior Ministry, Federal Security Bureau official investigation team, and personally supervise the investigation.

Russian Investigation Committee March 1 has not announced the new progress of the investigation, no new clues, no new suspects. Thus, survey information and video monitoring and recording of witnesses and no new clues. Russian Investigation Committee announced on the 1st of providing valuable information about the shootings Nemtsov Reward 3 million rubles.