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According to foreign best hermes birkin replica 40 cm media Fake Hermes Birkin Bag Uk reports, local time on March 1, Moscow Tens of thousands of people march in the streets to mourn the Fake Hermes Birkin Bag Buy opposition politician was shot dead last week Nemtsov.

Reported that Nemtsov was scheduled to lead the opposition will hold a procession in the day, but has now become a Nemtsov's supporters to his memorial service.

Moscow municipal authorities approved a five million earlier opposition march, but organizers said that after the shooting incident, there may be more people to participate in the mourning procession.

Earlier in March 1, there are a lot of people holding candles and flowers came Nemtsov was shot locations mourn Russian birkin hermes crocodile price opposition politicians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had on the killings occurred, said Friday condemned, referring to the assassination of behavior shameful and cruel, and vowed to find the murderer.

Nemtsov was shot in the location next to the Kremlin, where people mourning flowers have piled up mountains.

55-year-old Nemtsov birkin bag by hermes price February 27 worked in a restaurant in the evening hermes birkin 35 crocodile with his girlfriend Anna • Du Slutskaya (Anna Duritskaya) dinner.

Local time around 23:40 pm or so, they are walking through the bridge go Nemtsov's home on the way, a white car approaching, Nemtsov Four shot dead body.