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Foreign media said North Korean agents of a father and son soldiers successfully infiltrated the two UN agencies. WFP confirmed that 38-year-old (sound) no longer hold office at the agency headquarters in Rome.

According to the British Daily Telegraph website reported February 28,is identified as one of two North Korean intelligence officials in the United Nations work. Another is his father, working in Paris for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 67, Kim M (sound).

In a note to a United Nations committee of experts report that the two men were described as disguised as an international civil servant for Birkin Bag Hermes Original Price action, the intelligence official.

He said: WFP staff are international civil servants, therefore, they must 2014 hermes birkin 35 be independent of any authority outside the organization, and their actions must reflect this independence of personal problems are no longer employed. to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Swainthat North Korea desperately want to hide the extent of domestic difficulties. He said: The North Korean government Birkin Bag Hermes Replica Uk instinctively want to limit people's access cheap hermes bags birkin replica to information, even for we believe that the information can not be disputed is also the case for example of poverty mainly in what areas.

Reported that, in addition, the DPRK extreme lack of hard currency. Therefore, intelligence officials sent abroad often have self-financing. One of their main tasks is to use all means cheapest hermes birkin bag colors to make money, whether through legal or illegal channels, then the money returned to North Korea.

According to reports, Investigation Bureau is one of the four North Korean intelligence agency, whose function is to engage in espionage activities in any country other Birkin Hermes Bag than South Korea, while activity in Korea dedicated by an agency called 225 Office in.