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Spanish Football League 2014/15 season, the first 25 of a focus on fighting one battle at the 2015 hermes birkin purses Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid 1-1 draw at home to Villarreal, C Ronaldo penalty to break the deadlock, Moreno equalized, Assen Huo audience repeatedly wrecker. Real Madrid for the first time this season, the league draw, nine home league winning streak, leading Barcelona's advantage down to two points.

Nearly nine league match against Real Madrid Villarreal 7 wins, 2 draws and remain unbeaten. The two sides clash league history, 29 games, Real Madrid 19 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses prevail, including home unbeaten 11 wins and three draws. Real Madrid continued their recent winning streak in the starting lineup. Real Madrid soccer players lined up to welcome the basketball team before the game to show the King's Cup trophy.

Real Madrid after the opening offensive, but the external C Ronaldo and Lucas Silva's shot has missed. Villarreal 13 minutes almost broke, he denied the other side cheap hermes birkin handbags kelly within Guevara biography, Marcos pass, Moreno small edge pole Tongshe Casillas denied by the legs, Moi Gomez blank range was from 12 yards in the air in front of Carvajal headed the rescue. Real Madrid re-adjust the pace of the game after the takeover, Cross free kick pass, Pepe nodded the ball away nodded. Cross corner, Guevara header from 10 yards wide of the right column rub tight. Bell restricted the right of small-angle pass but hit the crossbar. Half stoppage time, C Ronaldo free kick direct shot high.

The situation is still the second half. C Ronaldo restricted the right shot was saved by Asenjo. Real Madrid 52 minutes to break the deadlock, Bear right pass, a small restricted area before Bailey fined yellow card hold down the C Ronaldo, Real Madrid this season, 10th in the league get a penalty, C Ronaldo personally take a penalty shot. This is his first 39 goals this season, which scored 30 league goals. Then Bell Direct, C Ronaldo restricted Youlei 8 yards shot was denied by the legs Asenjo time hermes shop berlin to attack. C Ronaldo cross, but the first time Bell edge of the area birkin bag harga tas hermes original shot missed.

C Ronaldo free-kick wide closed top right corner. Villarreal 64th minute equalizer, Cross melee intercept errors, Moreno left the bottom right edge of the area shot the net, 11. Real Madrid still have a chance to score, after a sudden strong Bailey C Ronaldo shot in a small area outside the upper left corner is saved under Asenjo brave. Bear right pass, C Ronaldo 10 yards header was saved by Asenjo Birkin Bag Hermes Real and beautiful upper right corner. Jesse off the bench. Game showing openness, Bi Aituo mistakes slipped the ball missed the opportunity to single-handedly.

C Ronaldo left foot shot wide of birkin bag hermes colors the right edge of the area broke into the near corner. Hernandez replaced Benzema. The first 84 minutes of Real Madrid missed a great opportunity to take golf Asenjo attack flutter sell, restricted the right of Jesse Kongmen wide of the near corner. Moreno cross from the left, before the point diving header was saved by Casillas. The first 87 minutes, Carvajal pass, Hernandez restricted Youlei fall under the defense in Bailey, the referee has not been fined, the two sides accused each other of the players. The last moment, Costa rescue almost own goal hit the post, C Ronaldo restricted the right of small header wide.