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German cloth to Plum City because Muslim extremists specific terrorist attack threat from March 1 the morning of police birkin kelly bag hermes price stepped up patrols in the city's key areas.

Recently, police raided plum cloth, closed an Islamic cultural center and arrested the two suspects. Police spokesman said the anti-terrorism police to temporarily not evacuate the city, we do not know how long this situation will continue. To this end, the police hermes replica bracelet have in the city arranged a security alert network.

Police did not disclose the specific terrorist attack threat details, saying only that a number of people arrested and released. Police said they were related to the Islamic threat through acts of violence against cloth plum safety.

On that day, the city appeared plum cloth to wear body armor and assault rifles patrol officers wear, its goal is to focus on the protection of the Jewish community, the city government as well as open-air markets, venues and other large gatherings.

For some time, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has issued a warning rising threat of terrorist attack. Warned that terrorists who act alone is particularly authentic hermes birkin bag colors dangerous, some from the Middle East, Syria returning jihadists hermes handbag outlet who already have combat experience, and with other jihadists to establish a Hermes Bag Birkin Cost network of relationships.

Cloth plum Muslim extremists in Germany relatively concentrated. Security sector controlled only by about 360, of which at least 16 have been to Syria war. Security sector clues indicate the war jihadists in four returns, and another two have been killed.

German police union has already publicly called on the government issue seriously terrorist attack. After the cloth to plum for the city police to step up patrols, the association spokesman said, There is no doubt that this country has become the target of terrorist attacks, the clues we get more and more, more and more specific.

According to German media reports, the cloth to May this two-day police operations, in response to an alert issued by the Federal birkin hermes etoupe gray Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The alert is issued for a specific terrorist attack plan.